TWO successful Yorkshire racing drivers spoke to students from Bradford’s Woodhouse Grove school to offer inspiration and encouragement.

Leeds driver Moh Ritson – who is 17 years-old and a pupil at Woodhouse Grove himself – spoke to students from years seven to 13, as did his Tockwith Motorsports team-mate, Harrogate-born Sarah Moore, 25.

Moh, who has been racing from an early age and drives in the Britcar Dunlop Endurance Championship alongside team-mate Sarah, said, “We want to show the students what’s out there for them. Motorsport isn’t always mainstream, so we’re hoping to raise its profile and inspire the pupils here today.”

“Me being here is also about giving something back to my school. I study at Woodhouse Grove and would love to present myself as a role model.”

Moh currently juggles his racing career with his A-Level studies at the school’s Sixth Form.

“I want to show the students that if you’re committed, it’s possible to balance sports with GCSEs and studies, as I have done.”

“To anyone trying to get involved in motorsport, the best way is through karting, the route I took. I’d recommend going to Tockwith Motorsports, as they’ll help you a lot.”

Tockwith Motorsports, located in Tockwith village between Harrogate and York, “Know the sport inside out” according to Moh.

“I have no motorsport background in my family, but Tockwith gave me great opportunities which I’m grateful for. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here doing this now.”

Moh is of partial Indian descent, through his grandfather, and he would like to use his background to highlight how motorsport is an inclusive environment.

“No matter where you’re from, you can still achieve. You don’t have to let your background be a deciding factor.”

Although based in Leeds, studying in Bradford has given Moh a close connection to the city, and he was quick to point out how Bradford’s motorsport scene is “growing.”

“The TeamSport go-karting track in Beckside Business Park is a great place for the racing scene here. Not only that, but events like the one here at Woodhouse Grove will help to improve motorsport in Bradford.”

Two Ginetta G50s, which will be Moh and Sarah’s 2019 challengers, were on display outside Woodhouse Grove as the two racers provided pupils with an insight into the engineering, design and aerodynamics of a racing car.

Sarah Moore, whose achievements include a 2009 Ginetta Junior Championship victory and a 2018 Britcar Endurance Championship title, was keen to “Inspire the next generation” at Woodhouse Grove.

Sarah also stressed the importance of getting girls and women into the sport – “Not many females are involved in motorsport, but it would be great if we could get a 50-50 male-to-female ratio one day.”

“I was fortunate enough to be born into a family already involved in motorsport, but others aren’t as lucky. There are a lot of females out there who are finding it hard to get in.”

“Women’s football, for example, is constantly improving and we hope for the same in motorsport.”

“One of my biggest goals is to help increase the number of females involved in motorsport – whether they want to be drivers, engineers, physios or team managers.”