PLANS to extend the shop at the Co-op run Millbridge service station in Liversedge, following a fire, have been approved.

The petrol filling station on Bradford Road has a brick built kiosk building which was closed down due to the damage sustained in a fire last year.

A small temporary building has been used at the back of the site to operate a small shop in the meantime.

Plans submitted by Co-op Estates indicate that the store has been left vacant since the fire in 2018 and that the extension and changes to the building would improve the retail facilities for customers.

In supporting documents, the firm states: "The site is currently occupied by a petrol filling station and comprises of a single storey retail kiosk and 6 petrol pumps with canopy with an adjacent storage building and areas of hardstanding and shrubland."

It adds: "The proposal is for an extension to the existing foodstore alongside alterations to the existing building and car park.

"This will involve a single storey extension to the existing store to accommodate a larger ground floor sales area (151 sqm) and back of house area (170 sqm), alongside an enclosed yard which will house temporary/movable refrigeration and welfare facilities, and an external plant area.

"Alterations to the existing car parking arrangements are also proposed. The overall increase in gross external floorspace is 166 sqm.

"The purpose of this extension is to improve the retail facilities for the local community following recent fire damage and demonstrates the Co-op’s commitment to Liversedge."

Kirklees Council planners have approved the plans for the single storey extensions, stating in a report: "The existing site is a well-established petrol filling station; from the history of the site it would appear that the existing buildings have been updated and replaced over time.

"The current building has recently suffered fire damage and the proposals would extend the retail element and add an enclosed yard area to the rear and a smaller back of house building."

The original proposals were for a two storey building, but concerns were raised at the pre-application stage about the effect on nearby homes, and a single storey extension was then put forward instead.

The report adds: "There are two concerns with the proposals which could affect residential amenity; the first is the building itself in such close proximity and the second concern is from any plant and machinery or other disturbances.

"In terms of the building, the pre-application enquiry suggested a two storey building and it was considered that because of the bulk of this, it would cause overshadowing and would be an overbearing structure to the occupiers of no. 362. The proposed single storey extension, with a height of 3.5m would address these previous concerns."

The report continues that any plant would be within a new compound past part of the extension, which would be further away from the house than it currently is.

The plans increase the retail space from 107 sq m to 155 sq m - an increase of around 45 per cent. The number of parking spaces is also set to rise, from 11 to 15.

The operating hours are to remain the same.