BRADFORD Bulls fans had mixed reactions last night after the club announced its imminent sale to new owners.

A statement was issued on Sunday confirming all Bulls shares were set to be sold to a UK investor group, with Andrew Chalmers to vacate his role as Chairman too.

At that time this "Conditional Agreement" was awaiting approval from the RFL, but Chalmers indicated the consortium was headed by a former Super League club director.

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Dave Hicks, Admin and Founder of the Bradford Bulls Supporters' Group, said: "I think many of us are looking at it as, we've been down this road a million times over.

"It's difficult for Bradford fans.

"It's a positive if someone can come in and put money into the club and a key thing for us is coming back to Odsal.

"That's the main thing for us. I'm hoping they will move us back to Odsal - it's the home of Bradford."

"We'll take the positives, it's just, who is it going to be?"

A spokesman for Bradford Bulls was unable to confirm yesterday that the new owner was Chris Brereton, as reported by the Rugby League Express.

Brereton spent five years as director at Wakefield Trinity, stepping down in November last year, after helping save the club from bankruptcy in 2013.

Such pedigree could be welcome news for Bulls fans, but until the deal is officially confirmed, many still feel on edge about the future.

Rob La Bête said: "It's difficult to say until it’s revealed who is in the consortium.

"We’ve been let down previously by people deemed fit and proper.

"Assuming it’s someone who genuinely has a lot of money to invest and doesn’t expect to make much profit then it can only be a good thing."

Stuart Collinson said: "It's hard to know what to think.

"We've been led up the garden path so many time's, it’s difficult to be positive about anything, especially when there is so much uncertainty.

"Assuming the new owners have a plan to keep us stable, it’ll be a nice change.

"Deep pockets won’t go a miss either."

Whether the club benefit financially or not, the outgoing Chalmers declared the deal should mean Bulls are relieved from all player signing restrictions, if it goes through.

Mr La Bête said: "If we can make signings then great.

"I feel the RFL has expected us to compete with one hand tied behind our back.

"I appreciate they have rules but they really are a bit of a laughing stock as a governing body."

Chalmers made the recent decision to move Bulls out of Odsal - which is owned by Bradford Council and leased from the RFL - because of the high running costs.

But it seems his time at the helm is up.

 Chalmers said: "I am confident that the new ownership group will bring the resources, drive and expertise needed to build on the work completed over three years, and continue the path to transition this great Club back to Super League, for the benefit of all Stakeholders especially the loyal Bulls fans.

"Having completed their due diligence, we now await the RFL’s approval and sanction.

Mr Hicks said: "A lot of fans have been saying they're grateful for what Andrew Chalmers has done and he's a nice guy.

"He's done what he can."

Mr La Bête added: "A big thank you to Mr Chalmers for everything he’s done for the club so far.

"He has made a difference and always seemed like a good bloke."

Today's announcement comes 24 hours after the club apologised for mistakes made with pension payments which prompted one player to take action to terminate his contract.

In a statement, the club admitted not "properly implementing" the workplace pension scheme because of an administrative error but insisted it would not result in any losses for the players.

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