A MARRIED father of three had no idea that his twin brother was going to shoot at a house with a homemade shotgun, a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Khuram Yaqoob said he was “ten out of ten angry” when his sister was robbed of her car by four masked men, leaving her children traumatised, but he wanted to beat up the culprits not take revenge with a firearm.

He messaged his brother saying: “Ummar, I’m telling you straight, no shaylatis (shotguns)” the court was told.

The car was recovered by three friends and Khuram said he had no contact with his brother on the day of the shooting and knew nothing about it until after it had happened.


Khuram Yaqoob, 30, of Daisy Hill Lane, Bradford; Ummar Yaqoob, of Hill Top Mount, Oakwood, Leeds; and Kiran Hussain, 24, of Ophelia Close, Little Horton, Bradford, all deny attempting to murder Hamza Nazir and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Ummar Yaqoob admits possession of a slam gun with intent to cause fear of violence.

The jury has heard that he fired the weapon at the window of a house in Agar Street, Girlington, Bradford, shortly after 10.30pm on Sunday, March 31.

Hussain has pleaded guilty to two offences of possession of a slam gun and she and Ummar Yaqoob have admitted manufacturing a prohibited firearm. Khuram Yaqoob denies manufacturing a firearm.

Khuram Yaqoob said he thought a group of white lads had stolen his sister’s car and he did not know that Mr Nazir was allegedly implicated in any way.

The Crown accepts that Khuram Yaqoob was in a block of flats off Manchester Road in Bradford at the time his brother fired at the house.

He said he found out what had happened the following day when his mother told him: “Ummar’s done something really stupid last night.”

Asked how he felt about it, Khuram Yaqoob replied: “I had mixed emotions. It was a bit extreme for me, something I would not have done, but if he’d got the right guy it didn’t really bother me because I knew he wouldn’t do it again.”

Khuram Yaqoob said he knew his brother was manufacturing slam guns and in possession of them.

“Everybody knew. All our circle knew what he was doing, about 20 of us,” he told the jury.

He had filmed Ummar test firing one of the weapons in January, but he had never seen one since, he said.

His barrister, Zafar Ali QC, said: “Khuram, you are the only one who has pleaded not guilty to all the counts against you. Are you guilty of any of them?”

Yaqoob replied: “No, not at all.”

The trial continues.