A PRIMARY school in Queensbury is battling with Bradford Council to replace its much-loved lollipop lady.

Foxhill Primary School bid farewell to its school crossing lady who guided generations of pupils in her 28 year service.

But, with just one week's notice, the school was told a council policy meant the contract would not be renewed because it has light controlled crossings.

It's a move described as "dangerous" by the school's Angela Boow.

The school gates open up to the busy 30mph zone, Denholme Gate Road, with the former lollipop lady experiencing many near-misses.

Angela told the Telegraph & Argus that the warden used to "take her life in her hands every day".

She said: "The whole nature of children being children is they don't see danger.

"With the best will in the world and all the teaching, all it takes is for one child to get away from the parent and run in the road.

"We really don't want to think about the consequences there.

"The school is right on the side of the road.

"We just feel that on such a busy road, it's dangerous."

A letter from Sue Heaton, the school crossing patrol officer for Bradford Council, said the policy states the warden's will no longer be replaced once they go.

The letter reads: "We've received confirmation from your school crossing patrol Brenda Forcer that she wishes to retire on Friday, September 27, 2019.

"Brenda has been a patrol in the area since 1991 and I'm sure you will wish her well in her retirement and new exciting location.

"Brenda will be sadly missed I'm sure by parents and children alike.

"However it's our policy that patrols on light controlled crossings will no longer be replaced once they go.

"Therefore could you please let your parents know that from Monday, September 30, there will be no crossing patrol at your site".

But it's little consolation for a school site where the school's former lollipop lady, Brenda Forcer, has had near-miss encounters with speeding drivers over the years - even if the lights were red.

It's an issue, she says, that has got worse.

Brenda said: "These past few years it's been terrible. Cars just tend to go through road lights.

"I'm hoping over the years I've taught them (the children) well.

"I've always taught them the green man, most still look both ways.

"It really is bad.

"They just seem to bulldoze through the traffic lights."

It's a worrying end to Brenda's "fantastic" time teaching the students of Foxhill about the green cross code and keeping them safe.

Angela, who described feeling "horrified" by the council's policy, said: "Road safety has always been a priority for the school.

"We've always done lots of things with the Bradford Road Safety Team.

"Brenda's always been involved in things like that. She's introduced to the lower classes.

"She tells the children to wait for her.

"Nobody crosses the road until she waves for them to cross."

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “We are extremely grateful for the dedicated service the school crossing patrol officer has given to local families since 1991 and wish her well in her retirement.

"Road safety around schools is a key priority and we have a range of measures such as crossing patrols, 20mph zones and light-controlled crossings that may be used depending on the circumstances at specific sites and following consultation with local communities.

"We are following the national guidelines in not replacing crossing patrols at locations where there is also a light-controlled crossing, as the current guidelines state that the two usually fulfil the same purpose of stopping traffic for pedestrians to cross the road safely, whereas having both in place can be confusing for drivers.

"We will speak with the school to discuss the concerns they may have."