FOXHILL Primary School in Queensbury is saying goodbye to its much loved lollipop lady who "knows every child by name".

Brenda has spent 28 years with the school, making generations of primary school pupils smile.

Brenda told the Telegraph & Argus: "It's been fantastic.

"Everybody's been very kind and very supportive. I've seen children come and children go and I'm seeing their children come now.

"I've had a few children saying 'Don't leave'."

Speaking of the importance of staying safe on the roads, Brenda wants children to remember the green cross code.

She said: "It's something that should be taught in school. It's very important that they teach people to cross the road. A few parents, they just anger you and take their life into their own hands."

Angela Boow, the school's office administration assistant, said: "Road safety has always been a high priority. We've always done lots of things with the Bradford Road Safety Team. Brenda's always been involved in things like that."