In 1984, everything about Eccleshill’s T. J. Hamilton’s was different – even the name.

What was once the Wellington pub at the junction of Wellington Road and the main Harrogate Road just below Undercliffe had been converted into an intriguing restaurant and cocktail bar with enough things to look at to keep all visitors interested while they downed a pint, enjoyed a cocktail or sampled the mouth-watering menu.

The décor was one great mismatch. Various sections were at different levels, the radiators were all different and the bar was three inches higher than normal.

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Who was T. J. Hamiliton? According to the menu, Theodore Jeremiah Hamiliton was an American who sailed to England during the reign of Queen Victoria in search of a refined and civilised society. Within months his fame as a culinary artist had spread among Victorian society in London.

October 1985, page three girls Linda Lusardi and Angie Layne turned a few heads during their visit to Bradford, for the renaming of T. J. Hamilton’s, now just called TJ’s with venues in both Eccleshill and Wyke.