A DECISION by Bradford Council to prevent a dessert parlour from also being used as a take away has been upheld by a government inspector.

In March the Council refused a planning application that would allow a dessert cafe on Highfield Road, Keighley, to serve hot food and operate a take away service late into the evening.

Planning officers said the change would lead to an increase in people driving to the business, which is in a residential area, leading to "an unacceptable loss of amenity."

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Saj Hussain appealed the decision, saying the majority of customers would be local, and walk to the business.

But government appointed planning inspector Kate Mansell backed the Council's decision, agreeing the change would cause issues for residents.

In her decision she said: "Even taking a delivery service into account, this would not preclude customers visiting the premises to eat in or stopping to collect take-away food.

"Given the proximity of residential properties and the opening hours extending into the late evening, the proposal would therefore result in increased noise and disturbance to nearby occupiers.

"The intensification of the use would give rise to an intensified demand for on-street parking on an already busy road. It would also encourage increased use of parking along the access road with its sub-standard entrances, with consequent risks to highway safety."