MEMBERS of a Menston bridge club will mark its 45th anniversary with a celebratory dinner.

Founding member Dorrie Waugh - who has also been the Kirklands Bridge Club’s president for the whole of the 45 years - will be among those enjoying the dinner at Otley Golf Club on October 8.

Mrs Waugh, who is 88, started the club along with Margaret Berry, Betty Mann and Maisie Shorter, with each of them donating money to buy equipment.

Mrs Waugh said there were no other clubs like it in the area when it was started at Kirklands Community Centre in 1974.

An advert was put out and replies soon started to come in. It grew and grew and is still going to this day.

The anniversary event will include a champagne toast, a special bridge cake, and the presentation of the cup.

Mrs Waugh said: “I have met some wonderful and loyal people over the last 45 years and am very proud to say that we still have lovely and loyal members, some of whom joined the very first evening all those years ago in 1974.

“We are a very happy and friendly bridge club and I have been fortunate in having such a wonderful and faithful committee over the years, to enable me to continue running this happy, friendly club.”