IF every household in Bradford recycled an extra kilogram of waste a week it would save the taxpayer £1 million a year.

A recent report by Bradford Council into fly tipping points out that disposing of the district’s waste was “the most significant part” of Bradford’s waste service budget. This cost includes landfill tax and transportation.

To cut down on the amount of waste sent to landfill, and to encourage people to recycle more, the Council is soon to employ a “behaviour change” officer.

Fly tipping needs to be 'disruptive' to communities for attitudes to change - meeting told

The report says encouraging people to change the way they dispose of waste could reduce budget pressures.

The fly tipping report says: “Behaviour change is necessary to increase recycling in an effort to meet statutory environmental requirements, and to reduce the cost of disposal which is the most significant part of budget managed by Waste Services.

“By way of example, if every household in the district recycled an extra kilo per week the council would save over £1m (annually).”

The report adds: “The majority of residents do recycle their waste and are compliant with the policy, helping deliver financial savings and the increased performance towards the authority’s statutory recycling targets.”