OVER 20 independent traders in Cleckheaton will be taking part in October Fiver Fest – a national campaign created by Totally Locally, a non-funded group which “started out as a small idea in the North of England and has grown into a multi-award-winning worldwide movement.”

Fiver Fest is encouraging Cleckheaton residents to spend just £5 in their local independent shops, with the idea being that if every adult in the town were to do so, it would have a significant impact on the town’s economy - creating “more jobs, better facilities and a nicer place to live”, according to Totally Locally.

The group claims that if every resident spent £5 weekly, in independent shops, it would also put a grand total of £3.2 million per year back into the town’s economy.

Fiver Fest sees towns and high streets take part by putting on special £5 runnings. This will happen, nationwide, between Saturday, October 5 and October 12.

Totally Locally describes itself as “a well thought out strategic marketing campaign” which was launched in 2010, in Calderdale, by Chris Sands.

Mr Sands said: “Totally Locally provides users with a free downloadable kit which helps independent traders to get on a level playing field with big corporations.

“Projects like Fiver Fest help give local businesses in towns across the UK a fighting chance and also promotes the economics of community cohesion.”

“55 towns across the UK took part in Fiver Fest last year, from Scotland to Devon.”

Mr Sands continued: “We hope that Fiver Fest will help to re-introduce people to the high street. We are already transforming towns and creating long-term improvements.”

Mr Sands has visited Cleckheaton in the past and said: “There is a real sense of community there.

“We are hoping that people come together during Fiver Fest and help to galvanise traders in Cleckheaton”

Ray Norris, President of Spenborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce, said that Fiver Fest “ties in nicely with the launch of several new independent shops and cafes in the area, and the start of the construction works on Victoria Court, which will become a huge asset to the town.”

“Our independent shops, cafes and bars need footfall to survive and we’re all excited to be taking part in the October Fiver Fest where the local community can embrace the £5 incentives on offer that week.”

Other towns in West Yorkshire will also take part in Fiver Fest. For more information, visit https://totallylocally.org/stuff.