A GROUND-BREAKING production has hit the stage in Bradford.

The "I Have Met the Enemy (and the enemy is us)" play opened at the TFD Youth Centre in Holme Wood on Friday evening.

Companies Common Wealth and Northern Stage transformed part of the building into an extravagant world of lights, lasers and electronics.

The crux of the story is a critical look at the UK arms trade, through the perspective of a former British soldier, a Palestinian actor, and a Yemeni artist.

All three are characters and simultaneously the real life stories of those who play them.

Former army man Alexander Eley gets his first taste of life on the stage for this production.

Whereas Palestinian Mo'min Swaitat is an established actor who has performed internationally.

But, there's an intriguing backdrop to the play, which came about during the research process.

Both Mr Swaitat and Eley have a shared love for techno and use it to keep grounded and as a release from what they're dealing with individually.

This unique blend of the political and passion is epitomised by the decision to install 72 electronic metronomes.

It highlights their love, but also the number is specific to represent the 72 Eurofighter Typhoon jets sold to Saudi Arabia this year by the UK, according to a spokesperson for Common Wealth.

Shatha Altowai, a Yemeni painter, is the third character, but she will appear via pre-recorded footage due to her living in Yemen.

Evie Manning and Rhiannon White, Co-Artistic Directors of Common Wealth said: "I Have Met the Enemy takes us to Yemen, to Palestine, to Afghanistan, more than anywhere we want the play to take us to the UK, to what it means to live in this country and be silent and removed from what our country is responsible for around the world."

The reason Holme Wood was selected as the destination for the play is two-fold.

Alison Ford, Producer at Common Wealth, said: "Holme Wood is like a lot of other working class areas in Britain - it is targeted by the British Army.

"They go into schools and have a high sign up rate in Holme Wood.

"Common Wealth are really passionate about taking theatre into working class areas."

Most shows have sold-out, but there are still tickets available for the two performances this evening, Wednesday, Friday and both Saturday performances.

To buy tickets visit: eventbrite.co.uk/e/i-have-met-the-enemy-and-the-enemy-is-us-tickets-62253722560