SIR - When I saw the resumption of Parliament on September 25 I could see why Boris Johnson wanted it closed.

It started with chants of “resign” aimed at the PM and the Labour front bench even shouted he should be in jail.

Then they had they gall to accuse Johnson of using inflammatory language!

He was criticised for saying “humbug” but Lib Dem MEPs wore “B******* to Brexit” T-shirts in the European Parliament some weeks ago. There’s a big difference between answering an unscripted question on the spot and making a pre-packaged statement.

We should of course all honour the memory of the late Jo Cox. And using this terrible tragedy as a stick to beat the PM or anyone is disgraceful.

I’m not particularly a supporter of Johnson or the Tories now because they’re haven’t been the real Tories for a long time.

But he is trying to deliver the result of the biggest vote in British history.

And it was this hypocrisy that exists on the left of politics, and all these MPs who are trying to stop it that caused the Brexit vote in the first place.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon