A CONVICTED sex offender who avoided a jail sentence last year is now behind bars after he racially abused a passer-by and then left cat poo on a neighbours’ doorstep.

Edward Bey, 32, was sentenced to 22 months in prison, suspended for two years, by a judge at Leeds Crown Court in December for four offences of causing or inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

But within weeks Bey was subjecting Syed Ali to a tirade of abuse which Bradford’s top judge branded as “grossly disgraceful and offensive”.

Mr Ali had been walking past Bey’s home on Planetrees Street in Allerton on New Year’s Eve when the defendant told him that all the Muslims getting raped abroad deserved it and told him to go back to his own country.

Prosecutor Emma Downing said Bey was arrested by officers who attended the scene, but he was aggressive towards them and claimed to be in possession of a knife, a gun and a bomb.

Bradford Crown Court heard today that Bey was not charged with racially aggravated threatening behaviour until July this year and in June he had harassed his neighbour Gordon Whiteoak.

Miss Downing said on two days Bey had left cat excrement on the step outside Mr Whiteoak’s home.

When he was questioned about the incidents Bey blamed Mr Whiteoak’s wife for “revving her car at him”.

Bey, who admitted racially aggravated threatening behaviour and harassment, accepted that had “anger issues” and needed to seek professional help.

Barrister Camille Morland said the offending was against the background of her client’s conviction last December.

She said windows had been broken at his family home and emotions were running high.

The Recorder of Bradford Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said Bey’s suspended sentence last year was “exceptional” and the fundamental warning was that if he committed any further offences it would be activated.

Jailing Bey for a total of two years the judge said he could not overlook the latest offending and he also imposed a five-year restraining order which bans the defendant from having any contact with Mr Whiteoak and his wife.