PRANKSTERS with a handy knowledge of Photoshop have attempted to persuade parents their school was closed.

The pupils at Crawshaw Academy, in Pudsey, used their IT skills to mock-up a fake tweet claiming classes were cancelled “due to technical difficulties” before sharing their work on social media.

Fortunately for parents, the school stepped in and posted  a real tweet on their account explaining the school was not closed on Tuesday.

The school tweeted: “Subject to some great photoshopping to create a fake tweet, we can confirm school is open as usual tomorrow.  Apologies for any inconvenience.”

Dawn Nicholson, assistant principal, said: “We sent a tweet to say the school is open as usual.

“It hasn’t caused any disruption at all.

“When something like that happens, the school has a system they follow, but the tweet was circulated amongst a small number of students and we became aware of it very early and intervened to put out another tweet.”