NEW research has revealed that two out of five Bradfordians have limited grasp of climate change and its dangers.

Modular Classrooms, who offer greener building solutions for expanding schools and colleges, conducted a survey of 6,000 people to find out just how much they know about climate change.

On average, respondents scored a mere 46 per cent when tested, meaning the majority of us are lacking general knowledge about the environment.

When this was broken down, it was found that Londoners had the highest score on the test, racking up an average of just over half at 54 per cent. Those in Bradford, however, scored the lowest at just 39 per cent.

Questions asked in the test included asking people if they knew which of the following contributes the most towards your carbon footprint: flying in an aeroplane; driving a car; riding a bus or taking the train.

In Bradford, only 19 per cent of people answered this question correctly, saying taking a plane has the most impact on your footprint.

Reassuringly, the survey also found that 41 per cent of Bradfordians would be prepared to pay more tax if it meant the government had more resources to fight climate change.