BRADFORD Council have issued their first ever Fixed Penalty Notice to a householder who failed to check the person who was disposing of their waste was legitimate.

A householder - who has not been named - got a £200 bill after using a rogue waste carrier to remove rubbish.

A Neighbourhood Warden found household furniture, cardboard and bin bags at the back of Birk Lea Street, Little Horton.

After an investigation it was found a householder round the corner had employed someone else to dispose of the waste, without checking they had a legitimate licence.

This meant the householder had breached their Duty of Care in disposing of waste.

By paying the fine quickly, they received a 20 per cent discount.

It marks a landmark moment for environmental enforcement officers at the council who have taken advantage new legislation.

The ruling allows local authorities to issue FPNs in some cases, rather than having to go through the lengthy and expensive process of the courts.

Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, Councillor Sarah Ferriby said: "We would much rather people behaved responsibly in the first place then we wouldn’t have to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.

"The money raised by the Notices will be used to cover the costs of removing and disposing of the waste that is fly-tipped by criminals, so the Council Tax payer is not left to foot the bill.

"Please make sure that the carrier you employ is legitimate and follows the rules. Otherwise you will risk being seriously out of pocket."