A CLIMATE change demonstration took place in Bradford city centre yesterday as part of the Global Climate Strike, an international initiative which has seen millions of people across the world take part in peaceful protest.

The Bradford protest - organised by Bradford YouthStrike4Climate - was spearheaded by students and sought to "raise awareness on the issue of climate change", according to Sadie, aged 13, who also helped with the organising of the event.

Speaking in front of the crowd, Sadie, from Bradford, said "We speak a lot about the looming point of no return, where climate change is irreversible. We have to take action before that becomes reality."

Speaking alongside her was Megan, who is also 13 and from Bradford, who argued "It is our generation who is taking the weight of climate change on its shoulders. Our government refuses to listen, but they cannot ignore us in numbers."

Also in attendance at the Climate Strike were supporters and members of the Bradford Green Party. Councillor Martin Love, of the Shipley ward, said: “The world is waking up. Action is starting, but we need to move much faster. The Green Party has been proud to support the Climate Strikes, and we’re proud to be supporting the strike today here in Bradford."

Protestors were keen to highlight the significance of young people playing an active part in the Climate Strike. Megan, 13, following up on her speech earlier, said "It is our future that we are protecting", while Alice Parsons, 25, from Bradford's National Science and Media Museum, said, "The generation the least to blame for the climate crisis are the ones speaking up the most. The government has to listen to what these young people are saying."

Alice continued, "The young people here today know this is more than just an issue of not using plastic straws and that this is a serious crisis which generally affects the world's poorer people more than anyone."

Sonia Sandhu, 32 and from Bradford, added, "Bradford has a long history of taking action, its people never sit down and stay quiet when it comes to issues like this"

"People of all ages and backgrounds are here today and it represents the diversity of Bradford very well."

Julia Szajdzicka, 57, of ND Metering Solutions who measure and monitor energy usage for private and public sector organisations, also spoke in front of the crowd, saying, "Many big corporations are destroying our wildlife and need to be held accountable." She continued, "I am proud of Bradford, this is the UK's capital of diversity and diversity is our strongest ally."