200 new places for pupils with Special Educational Needs have been created in Bradford School this month.

Bradford Council is in the process of creating 354 extra places for SEND pupils in existing schools in the district.

At a meeting of the Bradford Schools Forum on Wednesday, members were told that 200 of these spaces had been created for the start of term.

Marium Haque, Deputy Director for Education and Learning, said: "I'm pleased to announce that we have delivered 200 of the spaces as of September, others are coming in October and the remainder will be delivered by April. We're in discussions with other schools for them to come forward and help with the expansion. The 354 is just the first tranche."

Trevor Loft, head of Bradford Central PRU, said he had heard of issues of people not being offered the places they need yet.

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Mrs Haque said in some spaces the start date for pupils was being staggered. She said: "Oastler school has expanded by 40 spaces, but due to pupils' needs we don't want 40 children starting on the same day. We're working with Oastler to make sure we do it right and get every child adequately placed."

Some of those places are at Oastler school, others are provided by Oastler in other locations in the district.

Under current government legislation, Councils are not allowed to build new schools - only academies and free schools can provide new schools.

It means Bradford Council has to expand existing schools to provide new SEND places in the district.