DOZENS of school children are expected to join a protest in Centenary Square tomorrow as part of the Global Climate Strike.

The event from 11am onwards has been organised by Bradford YouthStrike4Climate.

Among the groups attending will be the Bradford branch of campaign group Extinction Rebellion.

Organisers Sadie, Scarlett and Erin from Beckfoot School said: "By striking we’re bringing so many different people together to show people what we can do and it could create big changes.

"We still want to make changes locally and in our own lives but we won’t stop striking until we see the government making big changes. The government have the ability to act on climate change - they’re the ones with the money and power!"

At 1pm the protesters will signal that time is running out for action on climate change by the mass ringing of alarm bells. The action will also consist of a march, die-in, discussions, speakers, children’s assembly, pay as you feel food, printing, craftivism and singing worship.

The event is a first for the group which the organisers predict will be the start of an on-going youth strike movement in Bradford.

Emily Connor, who lives in Bradford, said: "I'm supporting the Youth Strikers in Bradford because it’s inspiring to see young people standing up to the government and using their voices to demand urgent action.

"Growing up into a world with climate change is scary, but through finding their voice and strength through being part of a global movement, they’re learning just how much impact that can have."

Stephen Skinner, from Bradford College, added: "My basic feeling is that Bradford College, as one of the largest FE colleges in the country, needs to be part of this action.

"There are thousands of students here, many from the most deprived parts of town who have every interest in fighting for a better future and a world worth living in. I'm sure students will be eager to join the action on Friday.

"Hopefully it will give students the inspiration to take the fight for climate justice into Bradford College and their local communities and start organising to spread consciousness of climate emergency and build further actions in the future."

Extinction Rebellion are holding a "rebel rave" climate strike after-party with an evening of music and merry making at the Underground in Bradford.

The pay as you feel evening will raise funds for Bradford Extinction Rebellion to go to London in October.

It will be family friendly until 9pm.

A spokesperson said: "We are working in solidarity with the youth of Bradford, who are coming out of their schools and colleges, onto the streets in protest at the governments inactivity in dealing with climate change.

"Despite the British parliament declaring an emergency, still airports and roads are being expanded and the fracking continues. So on Friday we will stand with the youth on the streets of Bradford.

"Expect a family friendly day, with food, singing and printing. Everyone is welcome."

Pupils from Bradford Grammar School will take part in a demonstration at Millennium Square, Leeds.

Sufyan Ahmed, student representative, said: “Climate change is such a big deal and we want to tell our politicians to take all of us seriously and treat it for what it is: a crisis and the biggest threat to our generation and generations to come.

“These strikes demonstrate that young people care passionately about our planet. Climate change is an important issue that’s simply not going away. We can see the impacts, like flooding, heat waves, coastal erosion, and wildlife endangerment affecting countries around the world, as well as right here in the UK.

“If the government is serious about winning the next generation of voters, then they need to listen to their most pressing concerns and deliver actions that will safeguard the future.”

Noor Sharif added: “We can’t yet vote, so this is one of the most effective ways of making our voices heard about our concerns over the future. Everyone is invited to join us and if you’re an adult take the day off and join us in solidarity!”