A driver who reached speeds of 100mph and crashed into several cars during a 20 minute police chase has been locked up for 42 weeks.

Leon Rawlins’ driving on the streets of Bradford and Leeds was described as “horrendous” by his own barrister during his sentencing at Bradford Crown Court.

The 34-year-old, of Hartley Gardens, Leeds, was driving a blue Audi on February 13 when he was first spotted by police in Clay Pit Lane, Leeds.

Philip Woods, prosecuting, said Rawlins attracted the police’s attention when he overtook their car and undertook several other cars.

He was followed to Armley Gyratory and along Stanningley Bypass at a “normal speed” until he got to Dawsons Corner, near Pudsey, where other police vehicles were waiting to stop him.

However, he noticed the officers and sped off, reaching speeds of 80mph in a 40mph zone, passing through a red traffic light at Thornbury roundabout.

The volume of traffic meant the pursuing car lost sight of Rawlins, but he was picked up again by another officer on Cutler Heights Lane, in Bradford.

They followed Rawlins until he appeared to come to a dead end off Cutler Heights Lane, but he mounted the pavement and drove on a footpath before joining Tong Street.

Dashcam footage played in court showed the police driver overtaking heavy traffic on Tong Street as he tried to keep sight of Rawlins, who was again jumping red lights and overtaking on the wrong side of the road as he sped towards Drighlington on the A650.

The defendant clocked 100mph in a 40mph zone and he disappeared from view as he headed back towards Leeds.

Police continued to pursue him and caught up with him on Dewsbury Road.

Rawlins was becoming increasingly desperate in his bid to get away and collided with a Honda Accord at a roundabout and later crashed into several cars.

He made one final attempt to lose police by doing a U-turn near Armley Gyratory, but his car started to lose power and he was boxed in.

Rawlins ran off and tried to hide near a casino, but was found and arrested.

When he was searched, police found a tablet of MDMA in his pocket and he was charged with dangerous driving and possession of a Class A drug.

He pleaded guilty at magistrates court and said he panicked when he saw the police.

John Boumphrey, defending, said this was Rawlins' first offence for dangerous driving.

He said: “After dropping his mother off, something has gripped him and he drove horrendously.

“We have a defendant who has no history of poor decision making while driving and on this occasion was found to be driving like a nutter."

Recorder Jamie Hill QC jailed Rawlins, of Woodhouse, Leeds, for 42 weeks and disqualified him from driving for three years and 21 weeks.

He said: “It’s a matter of extraordinary good fortune that nobody was injured or worse.

“For that period of 20 minutes you posed a serious threat to other road users, the pursuing officers and yourself."