A MOTHER has been left with a bill of at least £2000 after her car was mindlessly covered in, what is believed to be, paint-stripper.

Gemma Young, of Shipley, awoke to a shock when she saw her two-year old Renault Clio was covered in a white substance.

She said: "I've no idea why or who did it. I have no grievances.

"I thought it was milkshake or yoghurt - I've never seen anything like it before."

With it being the morning rush, Mrs Young drove to the Asda store in Shipley to grab some shoes for her son, before taking him on to school.

It was in the car park that she found out the reality of the situation.

She said: "Someone at the shop mentioned that it looked like paint-stripper and the metal was bubbling underneath it."

Mrs Young then took her car to a garage to have it checked out.

She was told again that the chemical substance seemed to be paint-stripper and that her car would likely need a full respray.

This is a fix that, the mum-of-two admits, could run into the thousands.

She added: "This person drove there specifically to do it."

CCTV footage seen by the T&A shows a hooded individual wander past four other parked cars before pouring a substance onto Mrs Young's Clio, which is situated next to a van (see below).

The fact the vandal ignores the other vehicles baffles Mrs Young.

It has also left her family - partner James Morgan and a six-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter - feeling nervous.

She said: "You don't why somebody would do something like that.

"Are you going to fix the car and they come again?

"I can't get my head round it, why they targeted us.

"I'm trying to keep the mindset that it's just a car, but it's just such a shame.

"There's just sad people out there."

"My partner has not been sleeping, worrying if they come back and do it again.

"It's upset the whole family - my six-year-old is asking questions."

The incident, which occurred overnight last week between Monday and Tuesday, has left Mrs Young with a very firm message for the perpetrator.

She said: "This person needs some professional help.

"If they have any problem with anyone just say it.

"You don't need to be cruel and damage somebody's life.

"You don't need to cause that much heartache."

A police spokesperson said: "Enquiries are ongoing to identify the suspect in this matter and anyone who has any information which may assist is asked to contact police at Shipley on 101 or by using the reporting options on the West Yorkshire Police website.

"The crime reference is 13190463397.

"Information can also be reported to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111."