A NEW exhibition at the Bingley Gallery celebrates Yorkshire’s moorland uplands.

Leeds–based artist Judith Levin’s misty moorland oil paintings capture the beauty of these iconic, yet vulnerable, Yorkshire landscapes with purple heather and soft, misty skies.

A Moorland Celebration looks at the haunting beauty of the moors, while not forgetting their importance ecologically and in helping to combat climate change.

Says gallery owner, and artist in residence, David Starley: “There is a long tradition of artists painting moorland, such as Turner and Thomas Girtin.

“Judith is a contemporary painter, whose moorland scenes are exquisite and atmospheric.”

He adds: “The stark beauty of the moors of Yorkshire is well loved by local people and those who visit the county, inspired by sources as diverse as the Brontë novels, the Last of the Summer Wine and television coverage of the Tour de Yorkshire.

“We are looking to celebrate moorland for its beauty and also its importance for carbon capture, and also raise the fact that it is not such a constant resource and is under threat from events such as burning and erosion.”

Says Judith: “Conservation of the land is so important - we cannot let the beautiful, local landscape fade away into distant memory.”

While Judith’s internationally acclaimed work is the main feature of the show, other artists from the region include Carol Sterritt whose wire sculptures of animals include a sheep, lambs and a fox. Her inspiration lies mainly with British animals and birds, although she recently completed a commission to make scaled-down versions of large African Animals.

Sculptural and decorative ceramics from Kath Bonson will be on show, as will be items made by Lis Holt, including sculptural forms and coiled vessels. Items made by Lancashire-based Nettleton Pottery will also be displayed.

The exhibition is part of a changing rotation of shows at Bingley Gallery, which also houses work showcasing the talents of a wide range of locally based artists within its surprisingly spacious two stories of exhibition space.

The gallery incorporates David’s studio, alongside its four display rooms. He says: “I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive comments of visitors. I’m the latest in of three generations of artists to have studio galleries on Park Road, from James Hardaker in the 1960s through to Jane Fielder, who set up the current premises, and now myself.

Jane ran the gallery from 2007 until retiring last year. It has been in its current location for seven years. “Jane is still a permanent exhibitor here and, while making some changes to the gallery and its stock, I’ve tried to keep it as the same welcoming place as it was under her care,” says David.

*A Moorland Celebration runs until 20th October. The Bingley Gallery, 29 Park Rd, Bingley BD16 4DY. Tel: 01274 552143. Opening hours:Thursday and Friday noon to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Helen Mead