QUEENSBURY residents awoke to the sound of a "very loud crash and a bang" in the early hours of the morning after a lone car hit a skip.

The high impact of the car knocked down scaffolding fixed to a building before smacking into the skip on the side of the road.

Amy Freeman, who was in a deep sleep at the time, was jolted awake after hearing the smash and "people shouting".

She said: "All of a sudden my body woke me up and I heard a very loud crash and bang, then I heard people shouting so I quickly got dressed and went out. As I was walking towards the main road I heard people talking, saw a man and a woman talking but I didn't go up there at first.

"I just stood behind the corner watching.

"Then I decided to go over to the lady and ask what happened, I was more intrigued more than anything else as to what happened, things like this doesn't really shock me to be honest.

"I was intrigued and curious. I'm glad no one got seriously injured obviously but car accidents happen on a daily basis."

CCTV footage, captured on Tuesday morning, shows three men rush out of the damaged vehicle.

The driver later spoke with attending officers.

Another local resident, who explained she was the first on the scene, told the Telegraph & Argus: “I heard a smash, I rang 999.”

The car was caught on camera as it bounced off the skip and away from the parade of shops.

While a lamppost, which had been knocked down during impact, was mere inches away from the windows of a nearby barber shop.

One business owner said it was “lucky” that the road, normally populated with school children and parents after 3pm, was empty.

The man said: “It’s a busy corner.

“Early morning I got a phone call to say something happened outside. Three years ago the same happened. That is a very dangerous corner.”

Councillor Robert Hargreaves (Cons, Queensbury) said part of the issue is a lack of investment turning the town into a “drive through”.

He explained that some people feel there's no shops to stop for.

He said: “It was suggested to be put into the ward action plan at the annual conference on September 3.

“It’s something that everybody’s talking about in Queensbury.

“We have got a bit of a plan going through to rejig some of the roads in Queensbury.

“As for the centre of Queensbury it seems we’re going to be a bit of a drive through.”

In April 2017, a man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a convertible crashed into the front of Stylez Hairdressers on the same street.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Enquiries are continuing into a single vehicle collision in High Street, Queensbury, which was reported at about 2.34am today. 

“A man, who was believed to be the driver of the vehicle, was spoken to by the attending officers. There were no injuries.

“Anyone with information which may assist is asked to contact the Safer Roads and Neighbourhood Support Unit on 101 or report via the West Yorkshire Police website. The log reference is 115 of September 17.” 

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