A "DANGEROUS" man has been locked up for 11 years after he stabbed two revellers during a mass brawl outside a Bradford nightclub.

Rohaan Akhtar, 21, was sent down for more than a decade for stabbing the men in the face when a fight erupted outside The Village nightclub at 4.30am on July 21.

Five men were stabbed in total, but Akhtar was only charged with two counts of Section 18 wounding with intent after only one victim co-operated with the police investigation.

Bradford Crown Court head Akhtar, who was aged 20 at the time, was part of a group inside The Village nightclub when the trouble started and later spilled out onto the street.

Philip Adams, prosecuting, said CCTV inside the nightclub showed Akhtar and a man becoming embroiled in a dispute.

Akhtar left the club, but was followed outside by another group and they confronted him about their friend's injuries.

CCTV footage played in court showed several men brawling in the street.

Akhtar can clearly be seen wearing a white T-shirt as he wildly and violently swings the knife towards the other men in the middle of Barry Street

One of the injured men, Reece Barrett, told police he was on his way home when he heard the defendant approaching him, shouting "Come on!"

Mr Adams told the court that Mr Barrett jumped backwards when he saw the knife, but was struck on the back of the head by one of Akhtar's friends and was left dazed on the pavement.

This is when Akhtar decided to strike and can be seen on CCTV running across the street and stabbing Mr Barrett in the face while the victim is helpless on the ground.

Mr Barrett suffered a 10cm laceration near his temple and a cut near his mouth. He required 40 stitches.

When he spoke to police about the attack two days after it happened, he said he was still in a state of shock, was struggling to sleep at night and considered himself to be lucky to be alive.

Reece Broadbent was also injured in the disorder and suffered wounds to his face, neck and chest.

One of the injuries was a 4cm wound on his forehead.

When police arrived at the scene they had to Taser Akhtar before taking him into custody.

Officers found a silver four inch lock-knife in his pocket which had "signs of blood on it."

Akhtar was charged with the two Section 18 offences, violent disorder and possessing a knife in a public place.

He pleaded guilty to all the offences when he made his first appearance at Bradford Magistrates' Court on July 23.

In mitigation, Christopher Moran said Akhtar's friends and family said he was a "reliable and honest" person , and the attacks were "out of character."

However, His Honour Judge Durham Hall QC, the Recorder of Bradford, said it was clear Akhtar was "a very dangerous young man."

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison and five years on licence for one Section 18 and nine years in custody and five years on licence for the other, which will be served concurrently.

Akhtar was given a further two concurrent sentences; three years for the violent disorder and 12 months for possessing a knife in public.

Judge Durham Hall said: "Your family see nothing but good in you, but to behave like this, regardless of the consequences, shows you possess the ability to inflict serious harm should the opportunity arise.

"You had consumed drink and of course had a weapon, and I'm satisfied by looking at all of these matters that you intended do what you did and you intended to cause harm.

"What is particularly important and troubling in this case is not just the gratuitous use of a knife against one man and creating deeply troubling injuries, but the other man who was caught up in this on his way home.

"You went a distance and stabbed him."

After completing his sentencing, the judge warned others about carrying a knife in Bradford.

He added: "This isn't just about you, but anyone who carries a knife in Bradford, anyone who inflicts the degree of mayhem and violence will and should, as the Home Secretary has ordered, be in terror, and that will be the policy of this court."