KFC has launched an investigation into how a 12-year-old boy ate a takeaway with part of its wrapper apparently still attached.

Mohammed Bilal Khan, of Highfield, Keighley, almost choked on the sliver of plastic inside the Flaming Hot Wrap, according to his family.

His mother Shamin Akhtar frantically patted his back so he could cough up the plastic seal he’d accidentally eaten along with a bite of chicken.

Mrs Akhtar was particularly angry that when she complained about the problem, a KFC staff member allegedly said it was a “manufacturers’ issue”.

In a statement, KFC apologised for any distress caused to the family and said it would investigate further to find out what happened.

The spokesman said: “We’re shocked to hear about Mohammed and his family’s experience, as we have strict quality and safety processes in place across all our restaurants.”

The choking incident happened just minutes after the family – Mohammed, his mother, and 20-year-old sister Sanan Khan, called at the KFC at Keighley Retail Park on Hard Ings Road.

Mrs Akhtar said: “My son took a bite from his wrap and swallowed half of the plastic and started choking. I quickly patted his back.

“He already suffers from severe asthma. When we took a look inside his bite we found a piece of long plastic seal.

“I gave my son his inhaler to get him breathing back to normal. I rang 111 for medical advice as I got very worried and scared.”

Mrs Akhtar phoned KFC, who asked her to take down the remaining food and the piece of plastic.

She claims that when she showed the offending piece of plastic, she was told: “It isn’t our fault, it’s a manufacturers’ issue and I’m unable to do anything”.

Mrs Akhtar added: “I was disgusted with the way it was dealt with and left immediately. I was very upset because my son could have choked to death.

“The wraps are made while customers place their order. It was an absolute disgrace that they didn’t own up to the mistake or give me an apology.”

Speaking to the Keighley News later, Mohammed’s sister said the family had sat down to watch TV while they ate.

She said: “I heard Mohammed coughing. He’s asthmatic. He couldn’t breathe. The plastic was halfway into his throat.”

Mohammed was able to cough the piece of plastic back into his mouth.

Sanan believes the piece of plastic was probably part of the raw materials of the packet the chicken came in before it was cooked.”