A CHARITY'S shop in the Bradford district has been closed suddenly under mysterious circumstances.

Samaritans has closed its shop in Shipley and a note pinned to the door claims this is due to "staffing problems".

The Telegraph & Argus understands several staff have been suspended after a vote of no confidence was held against senior Bradford bosses of the charity, leaving the organisation short-staffed.

A member of staff working in a shop close to the charity shop said the shop has been shut for around two weeks and charity donations are being taken in by other businesses while the store remains closed.


The Samaritans also has a branch in Mornington Villas, in Manningham, but noone from the charity was available to speak to a reporter earlier today.

A spokeswoman for The Samaritans said: "The Samaritans shop in Shipley has been temporarily closed and will be open again soon.

"Samaritans has been working with the Bradford branch on issues raised by volunteers.

"Without our volunteers, we would not be able to answer the calls for help that we receive every six seconds and their contribution is valued throughout the organisation.

"We therefore place importance on investigating anything that could be causing our volunteers a problem and have due processes in place to ensure complaints are examined thoroughly and impartially before deciding on the appropriate outcome.

"These discussions have not affected the running of the branch, where volunteers continue to answer calls for help from anyone who needs emotional support."

Anyone with information about the closure should contact 01274 705423 or e-mail alexander.ross@nqyne.co.uk.