In September of 1965, two music fans from Batley, Ann Scrutton, and Margaret Ramsden, had taken it upon themselves to camp on the steps of the Gaumont Cinema, Bradford, waiting for the advance booking office to open at 11am the following morning so they could buy tickets for the appearance of “The Rolling Stones” on October 4.

Complete with flasks, umbrella and pop magazines, they hoped to stay the night and would return in the early morning if they were moved on. “We must have front-row seats,” they insisted.

Hopefully for the longhaired “pop” idols there wouldn’t be a repeat of their 1964 visit to St George’s Hall, in which they were besieged by fans who literally tore the clothes off the back of Brian Jones.

When they Stones finally played the Gaumont on October 4, 1965, the cinema was only half full for the first house and three quarters full for the second. Leaving overall more than 2,000 empty seats.

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With big thirsts and appetites, the idols were very grateful when they walked into their dressing room backstage to find a table sagging under the weight of three chickens, bunches of grapes, bananas, and other fruit together with French bread and butter, and bottles of Scotch. Thanks to the generosity of Mrs Joan Wild, daughter of the landlord of the Junction Hotel.

In the 60s and 70s the group made various trips to the district playing mostly in the area’s smaller venues. But In 1982, the pop giants went all out, playing to a crowd of 120,000 at Roundhay Park.