After a rocky start, a completely new conception of discotheque in Bradford had finally opened its doors during the summer of 1985.

Palatial, distinctive yet colourful, Blue Lace in Hall Ings, formerly Scamps, was a designer’s dream of space, lighting and sound.

On the ground floor Braidy’s Bar, a “fun drinkery,” which was open lunchtimes and evenings, serving an excellent carved buffet.

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With two resident DJs, celebrity guests, and a central location, Blue Lace seemed the perfect place for the 80s clubber. According to the manager Brian Steele, “We were strongly advised by a lot of people not to come into Bradford, but we are convinced that there is a market for us here.”

Six years after opening the Blue Lace nightclub finally closed its doors in July 1991 and was put straight back on the market.