TWO cousins and a friend have been sentenced for their role in a major street brawl as part of a family feud.

Arbaaz Ali and Samran Ali, both 21 and both of Mayfield Terrace, Halifax, swung a golf club at a rival family during the brawl in broad daylight on April 9, 2018.

Jabran Chaudray, 27, of Skircoat Green Road, Halifax, also picked up the golf club and charged towards the crowd during the disorder.

The pre-planned brawl happened in Gibraltar Road, Halifax, outside an old people's home in the town. Bradford Crown Court was told the feud dated back to when the men's ancestors lived in their home country, and had continued when both families moved to West Yorkshire.


The Alis and Chaudray arrived in the street in a black BMW and white Ford Transit van before getting out, and Samran Ali could be seen swinging a golf club and gesticulating at other men, as people flooded out of vehicles and houses into the street.

The major brawl then kicked off, with men running up and down the street fighting. Seven people have already been sentenced in a previous hearing for their parts in the brawl.

Arbaaz Ali can be seen on CCTV footage swinging the golf club at people, before jumping in the Ford Transit van and driving at a group of people.

He ended up crashing into a tree at such force the rear wheels jumped in the air, luckily avoiding hitting anyone. He is then pulled from the van, at which point Chaudary picked up the golf club and ran to his aid.

Following his initial swinging of the club, for the rest of the footage Samran Ali can be seen running away and cowering behind other people.

Both Alis had previous convictions for affray and violent disorder, but Judge Jonathan Gibson was told the only trouble then had been in related to this long-running family vendetta which has now come to an end. Chaudury had no previous convictions.

Judge Jonathan Gibson accepted there was no evidence any of the three had actually hurt anyone.

All three had pleaded guilty to violent disorder, and Arbaaz Ali was jailed for 16 months, Samran Ali handed an 11 month sentence suspended for two years, and Chaudray a 12 month community order.