A REFERENDUM on whether to adopt a plan to shape the future of Addingham is likely to be held in January.

This morning Bradford Council's decision making Executive will discuss the Addingham Local Plan, which has been in the development stages since 2015.

The plan will shape where future housing and businesses in the village should be built, how to conserve Addingham's character and how local transport can be supported.

It also identifies a number of green spaces and recreation sites that should be protected.

The plan was prepared by Addingham Parish Council and subject to an independent examination that determined it met all the required needs of a Local Plan.

Grant for Dementia Friendly Addingham

The Executive will decide today whether the plan should now go out to a referendum where the people of Addingham can vote if the plan should be officially adopted.

If they agree then the referendum is likely to be held in January.

A report to the Executive says: "Should a simple majority in favour of the plan be achieved in the referendum, the plan would then be 'made' and become part of the statutory development plan for Bradford District.

"It would then be used by the Council in making decisions on planning applications within the area it covers (Addingham Parish)."

The Executive meets in Bradford City Hall at 10.30am.