AN abandoned car linked to crime was seized in just one day of a major crackdown from Operation Steerside.

Results from last Thursday, September 5 shows three cars were seized for no insurance, one car was seized for no tax and one Section 59 seizure for a bike.

Two were stopped for having no MOT, one for a light defect, two for ignoring red lights, four using mobile phones, three with no MOT fixed penalty notices and three with no seat belt.

Another operation in Bingley the previous day saw six tickets for a driver without a seatbelt; one ticket for a passenger without a seatbelt; one ticket for ignoring a red light; one ticket for driving without due care and attention; one section 59 warning; three prohibitions issued by the DVSA and one taxi licence revoked.

The full results from the latest operation will be published next week, revealing the top issues with some vehicles on Bradford's roads.

Operation Steerside checked up on roads in Baildon, Bingley, Bingley Rural, Shipley, Windhill and Wrose and Wharfedale.