THREE crucial votes were held in the House of Commons yesterday, two on the proposal to block No Deal and one for an early General Election.

Here is how Bradford's MPs voted in the three key votes.

Vote 1 - The first vote was the Second Reading of the amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill to making leaving without a deal illegal.

The MPs voting in favour of this were: Judith Cummins (Labour, Bradford South), Imran Hussain (Labour, Bradford East), Naz Shah (Labour, Bradford West), John Grogan (Labour, Keighley), Tracy Brabin (Labour, Batley and Spen), and Alex Sobel (Labour, Leeds North West).

Voting against the amendment were: Philip Davies (Conservative, Shipley) and Stuart Andrew (Conservative, Pudsey).

This vote was passed, with 329 MPs voting for and 300 voting against.

Vote 2 - This was the Third Reading of the amendment blocking a No Deal Brexit.

Voting for: Judith Cummins, Imran Hussain, Naz Shah, John Grogan, Tracy Brabin, Alex Sobel.

Voting against: Philip Davies, Stuart Andrew.

This vote was also passed, with 327 MPs voting for and 299 Mps voting against.

Vote 3 - Despite earlier this week saying he did not want an early General Election, Prime Minister Boris Johnson changed his mind and tried to call an early election under the Fix Term Parliaments Act.

Voting in favour of an election were: Philip Davies and Stuart Andrew.

None of Bradford's MPs voted against an early election.

The following MPs abstained and did not cast a vote: Judith Cummins, Imran Hussain, Naz Shah, John Grogan, Tracy Brabin, Alex Sobel.

While 298 MPs voted in favour of an early election and only 56 voted against the move, the move by Mr Johnson failed as it did not get the requried two-thirds majority.

The Bill to block Brexit has now moved to the House of Lords, where the Lords will cast their eye over it and vote on the motion to block No Deal.