AN order to tackle anti-social drinking in Bradford City Centre is likely to continue, although a similar order for a city suburb will be dropped.

Over the summer, the public were asked whether a series of Public Space Protection Orders should continue in Bradford city centre, Bingley town centre, Keighley town centre, Shipley town centre and the centre of West Bowling.

The orders allow authorised officers to request, where they reasonably believe consumption of alcohol within the area will lead to anti-social behaviour, the surrender of any alcohol.

Failure to comply with the request is a criminal offence to which a fixed-penalty notice or fine can be imposed.

The orders last for three years, and the current orders expire this year.

Members of the public were asked if they would like to see the scheme continue or expanded, and whether they felt the orders worked.

Should street drinking ban be expanded? - Public to be asked for their views on public space protection orders

The consultation is now over, and at a meeting next week Councillors will be told that just 71 people responded.

And of these just 20 per cent felt the orders had made the centres a safer place.

Only two people had their say on the orders for West Bowling, and at a meeting of the Council's Regulatory and Appeals Committee next Thursday members will be advised to drop that PSPO "due to lack of response from the consultation and lack of evidence of continuing levels of antisocial behaviour to justify the continuation of the order."

A report to the committee advises members to renew the orders in Bradford city centre and the town centres of Keighley, Shipley and Bingley.

Overall 34 people or businesses completed the survey in response tot he city centre PSPO.

Nineteen people commented on the Keighley PSPO and just eight people commented on the Bingley order, along with eight responding to the Shipley order.

Of the 71 who replied, a quarter didn't realise there was already a PSPO in place.

In Bradford 41 per cent of respondents said that the level of alcohol related anti-social behaviour has reduced since the PSPO was introduced.

In Bingley that figure was 88 per cent, in Shipley it was 43 per cent.

In Keighley just 21 per cent said alcohol fuelled anti social behaviour had decreased due to the orders.

One of the West Bowling respondents felt levels had remained the same and the other felt they had reduced.

Although 41 per cent of the people who responded to the consultation said that the level of Alcohol related anti-social behaviour has reduced, when considering how safe they felt within the restricted area just 20 per cent of respondents reported feeling safer, 57 per cent haven’t noticed any difference and 23 per cent feel no safer.

In the city centre 27 per cent of respondents said they did not feel safe due to the order.

Some respondents felt issues had merely been dispersed to other areas, with one person saying city centre offenders had moved to residential areas in Manningham.

The West Bowling order had previously included an area bordered by Round Street, Upper Castle Street, Dalcross Street and Gaythorne Road.

The Committee meets in City Hall next Thursday at 10am.