BRADFORD Council will discuss "areas of high risk" is its current Special Educational Needs and Disability services at a meeting tomorrow.

The Council's Children's Services Scrutiny Committee will hear about the work being done to reform SEND services across the district.

Government inspections of all local authorities' SEND services began in 2016, and run until May 2021, and an inspection of Bradford's services is imminent.

At tomorrow's meeting members will be told there are a "number of areas of high risk which require urgent attention" in local services.

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These include high waiting times for Autism Spectrum Disorder services and Child Adolescent Mental Health services and increasing demand on Speech and Language Therapy services.

Members will be given a "rag rating" chart - that details 15 sections of work needed in the Council's SEND reforms.

Those rated red have not been completed or have been delayed, amber means some progress has been made and green means work has been completed on time.

Of the 15, six have been rated red and nine have been rated amber.

None have been rated green.

Members will be told: "Consideration needs to be given as to whether or not current resourcing is adequate to aid rapid recovery."

The Committee meets in City Hall at 4.30pm tomorrow.