THE FIRST wave of staff at a new specialist care facility at Malsis Hall in Glusburn have begun training.

Enhanced Community Healthcare Options (ECHO) recently recruited 23 workers in readiness for next month’s opening of the care centre, which will provide recovery and rehabilitation for people with mental health conditions as a result of psychological trauma.

When the service opens in October this year, it will be accepting referrals from local authorities and the NHS within a 30-mile radius.

The recruits in the Administrative Support, Maintenance, Recovery Support and Nursing teams are undergoing training and getting to know each other, ready to accept the first residents into the service.

The first wave of recruitment attracted great interest from local people, and more vacancies in other areas of the service will become available in coming weeks.

Susan Applegarth, Customer Relationship Manager at Malsis Hall, said she was delighted to see the high calibre of local applicants who applied for positions at Malsis Hall.

She said: “We have started to put together an excellent, caring and supportive team, who will make the residents feel welcome when they arrive in the autumn.

“It was very important to us that we began the recruitment process in the local area, as Malsis Hall is at its heart a community project, which will provide a local service for local people. We wanted to ensure we created local jobs.”

ECHO director Andrew Shelton Murray said Malsis Hall would be a fantastic facility for the whole community.

He added: “I’m incredibly impressed with our new team members, and how quickly they have prepared for our opening and look forward to meeting our next wave of new recruits shortly.”

Malsis Hall will host a public open day on October 18 from noon until 4pm.

Visit or email for details of current vacancies.

Malsis Hall is a specialist service holistically supporting adults with mental health conditions on their journey to recovery and independence. It strives to provide care and support to enable the person to be as independent as they possibly can be, helping them to have a clear care pathway back into the community

It provides opportunities to develop and maintain skills and coping strategies needed for everyday life, priding itself on early intervention. The pathway at Malsis Hall ensures the person builds and develops confidence enabling them to successfully progress down the various available living options onsite to living in the community.

Malsis Hall places emphasis on maximising quality of life and reducing admissions into acute hospital settings.

As a community project, it also contains three sports pitches, a sports pavilion and meeting rooms available to members of the public.

The first wave of recruits for the Malsis Hall specialist care facility in Glusburn