The police working on Operation Steerside have joined forces with the Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency (DVSA) for a week of checks.

The team got to work in Crossflatts, between Keighley and Bingley, with motorcycle teams pulling drivers to the side of the road.

The Operation Steerside team said yesterday morning: "Good start with this vehicle (pictured above), lots to go at for @DVSAEnforcement and ourselves. It won't be moving anywhere soon."

The results from the latest operation will be published next week, revealing the top issues with some vehicles on Bradford's roads.

Steerside will be checking up on roads in Baildon, Bingley, Bingley Rural, Shipley, Windhill and Wrose and Wharfedale.

Operation Steerside will be posting updates all week long via their Twitter account.