A MAN who witnessed "real poverty" on his travels is set to transform a bus originally bought for a road trip into a space for the homeless.

Stephen Morton, who moved to Bradford from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, said he 'lost his mind' and got involved in crime before deciding to travel around the world.

The entrepreneur, born just after the Enniskillen bomb detonated by the IRA, says he is now on his own "road to redemption" by helping the homeless find their feet.

Redemption Bridge, launched alongside his fiancee Louise Savage and friend Rob Linden, will see a new 'hygiene bus' hit the roads of Bradford, offering the homeless a place to spruce themselves up and build practical skills.

The trio plan for the bus to have two or three showers, a toilet, clothes washing and drying facilities, a food prep area/kitchenette, a seating area, a counselling room and sleeping bunks for volunteers working on the bus when it is away from home for the night.

Other visions include a hair cutting station and a landscaping service to help the homeless pick up skills and find a passion - with any donations going back into the bus.

Stephen Morton, head of the project, said: "I know what it's like.

"It can happen to any of us.

"We're only one pay cheque away from living on the street.

"It's trying to help everybody over the bridge from the bad side."

Stephen and Louise came up with the idea of a hygiene bus after spotting a similar bus in Brussels on a long weekend.

Louise, who recently signed the papers to turn Redemption Bridge into a community interest company (CIC), said it's all about giving back and helping others.

While Rob, a Reiki master from Halifax, said the bus is designed to give people a sense of "wellbeing".

Louise said: "If you actually go out and do something you feel accomplished.

"We really want to bring communities back together.

"There's shelters in the area so it's complimenting each other."

Redemption Bridge has already been in contact and met up with Simon on The Streets, Bevan Healthcare and many other local organisations and hostels.

But the project is still in the early stages and the team are asking for the district's help to get Redemption Bridge off the ground.

Everybody involved, who donates time, materials, or offers support services, will have their name on the outside of the bus and, depending on the size of the donation, their trade or business logo will be added.

Stephen, who describes himself as a "jack of all trades", is also wanting to shadow plumbers, engineers, bus engineers, decorators, website designers and anyone with a useful skill to help make his dream a reality.

In a call for more "community spirit", he said: "There's a lot of people trying to help.

"I believe when we turn around and help the next one up the more we give them a sense of life.

"Bradford's our home. I think it's full of opportunity."

Anyone who would like to donate to Redemption Bridge can visit the Go Fund Me page or message the Facebook page, Redemption Bridge, direct.