A WEST Yorkshire police officer has revealed the racist abuse he suffers on the beat.

PC Hussain, who describes himself as an Engagement Officer, came out on Twitter to question whether what he experiences is fair.

The officer listed a number of the slurs he has heard. 

They included: p**i, go back to your country, chapatti man, Taliban, bin Laden.

The tweet continued: "This is a short list of abuse encountered at work on a daily basis...is this fair?

"When will people start treating everyone equal?"

Since posting on social media PC Hussain has received lots of support from the general public and from two fellow officers.

One Sergeant tweeted: "Disgusted....there must be zero tolerance and harsh penalties of any form of racism.

"Because we wear uniform does not mean we are immune to such behaviour."

A member of the public said: "This makes my bloody boil."

While another made a mockery of those hurling abuse at PC Hussain.

They tweeted: "I'll tell you what, mate.

"When you actually start to serve this country and the British people...oh...right...I see...well done you.

"Thank goodness for people like you. You're the future."