BRADFORD Bulls fans have expressed concern after a twist in the tale of their Odsal departure.

The Rugby Football League (RFL) published a statement on Friday in response to Bulls owner Andrew Chalmers' decision to leave their historic home.

It leaves some confusion as to the current situation.

The statement said the governing body had “conditionally” and “reluctantly” accepted the proposal, but only for the 2020 season.

Chalmers’ initial plan, however, was to move in with the Dewsbury Rams for the next two seasons before returning to Bradford.

The statement continues to say: “The RFL Board feel that the information provided so far in relation to the move to Dewsbury is incomplete and therefore it is a condition that the club provide further financial information on the impact of the move.”

This new twist has caused much concern for Bulls fans far and wide.

Dave Hicks says supporters understand the need for the move, but are disappointed closer options were ignored.

He added: “I’m going to the last home game of the season and it’s going to be an emotional time.

“When Chalmers first took over there was much thought he was the kind of guy to move it forward.

“Now we’re thinking, are we wrong? You’re not sure.

“Fans are yet to think here we go again, because we’ve seen it over and over.

“Andrew has been good with us, but a lot of fans are worried.”

Sam Grundy, said: “I’ve just got a feeling of mounting trepidation and disillusionment.

“You read the statement and it gives you more questions than answers.

“We do wonder who to blame really.”

“It signals lost confidence in the owner to me but then again Andrew Chalmers was hand picked by the RFL, so if he has made mistakes then they may share the blame for that.”

Another worrying caveat of the statement is the Bulls will be unable to make signings until further financial information is provided on the impact of the move.

It says: “Until this is provided to the satisfaction of the RFL the Club will remain in special measures and is not permitted to sign players.”

This comes at a pivotal moment when the Bulls would have been hoping to use this year’s success as a springboard for next season.

Grundy said: “It’s not going to allow any building at all, rather dismantling.

“As I understand, there’s only 12 men signed on for next year.

“As a long standing fan, I remember the 2017 season.

“Some games we were playing children, pretty much.

“It’s dangerous to do that on a regular basis.

“I understand some players are looking to go elsewhere and you can’t blame them when they have families to provide for.

“We’ve had a good season this year, we consolidated and played well.

“But I do not hold out much hope next year.

“If we’re getting badly beaten next year I really do not.

“Andrew Chalmers could address some of these points if he came out.

“It all seems tit-for-tat at the moment.

“Until we’re sure, nobody will buy season tickets very quickly.

“How will they pay wages over the off season if people are not buying season tickets?

“It will come to a head very rapidly I think.”

The Bulls do not wish to comment at this stage.