IT'S TIME to vote in the the Telegraph & Argus's new competition to find the best café in the district.

We want you to nominate your favourite hangout, whether it's because of their perfectly roasted coffee, selection of tea, delicious food or their friendly welcome.

Hundreds of nominations have already flooded in for cafés in and around the city.

But which one takes your fancy?

The Cake Ole, found in Centenary Square in Bradford, was "thrilled" to learn several customers had nominated them - even though the competition had only been open a couple of hours.

Owner Richard Wilson, pictured on the left with Neil Senior, said: "Since opening in Bradford we have been welcomed with open arms.

"Customers who have never visited Bradford before have come to us after visiting our Skipton branch and can see just how great Bradford is.

"Our café is like a museum at times, people visit in groups just to see our décor! With the fountains being back on, it’s the best view in Bradford.

"If you want a great view with your coffee and cake, come to the Cake Ole."

All you need to do to nominate your top cafe is fill in the online form for the Telegraph & Argus Best Café here.

People will need to give the café name, café address, nominator name, and reason for nomination.

Joanne Ellerton, newspaper sales manager for Yorkshire and North East, said: "The competition has only just launched and there's already been some fantastic entries.

"It's amazing to see the community so involved already.

"We're excited to find out what ingredients a café needs to become extra special and win the title of best café.

"There's so many great places to eat, drink and relax and we just want to celebrate the best that Bradford and its surrounding areas has to offer."

The closing date for nominations is Friday, September 6, 2019.

The top 20 cafés will be published in the Telegraph & Argus for readers to vote on.

Who will you vote for?