The fire service has confirmed an oven used for burning animal waste caused a large factory fire in Denholme.

Fairweather Green was the first team to arrive at Omega Protein in Denholme at around 8.14am. 

The smoke plume and fire was put out around 1pm.

Dean Mckenna, watch commander for Fairweather Green, said: "It seems to be one of the ovens. They've got three massive ovens and one of the ovens had somehow set on fire.

"Crews from Fairweather Green were first there. I was the first officer in charge.

"There's going to be a big damping down operation for the rest of today."

The watch commander says there was an "awful" stench in the air which firefighters can still smell in the station.

He said: "The station just stinks of it.

"I've been there many a time and you just dread going. It's a horrible smell."

The 67 bus service is now running as normal but a road closure is in place to protect firefighters and their equipment on the road.

The road closure on Half Acre Road in Keelham, is likely to be ongoing for some time with divisions in place.