Denholme locals are watching the sky above them turn "black" as a large fire rips through the nearby abbattoir.

Emergency crews are using two large jets to tackle the blaze at Omega Proteins, based on Half Acre Road - now 75 per cent covered in flames.

One resident, who was walking his dog at the time of the fire, described seeing "a huge orange and brown plume of smoke rising into the air" - reaching heights of 100 metres.

People living in nearby houses say there is a "lingering smokey smell combined with the usual smell that can come from the plant".

Residents have closed all their windows as they wait for the foul air to pass.

Jon Emmott, who was visiting his parents in the area, said the thick smog left the back of his throat "stinging" and warned the smoke is now blowing over into Keighley.

Mr Emmott, who lives in Queensbury, said: "My mum spotted it. The sky was black.

"It was really bad to the point it was hurting the back of my throat.

"I was going to the tip this morning with my dad and you could see it all over Keighley."

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