BRADFORD broadband users are being left behind with below average download speeds, new research has revealed.

The Bradford district has an average download speed of 49 Mbps, way behind the national average of 54.2 Mbps, according to figures from Ofcom.

Online comparison site Broadband Choices said people in Bradford should be able to enjoy speeds of 110 Mbps, dependent on where they live.

And while investment in fibre-optic super-fast broadband continues in cities, many rural communities are being left behind.

While Bradford doesn’t fare well in the stats, it still performs better than many other places in Yorkshire, including Sheffield, Huddersfield and York.

Our broadband speed is also more than twice as fast as the worst area in the UK - Truro.

But Bradford still lags behind Leeds, which enjoys speeds of 57 Mbps and also Kingston-upon-Hull, which has the fastest average speed of any city in the UK, an impressive 87 Mbps.

Ways to get faster broadband include repositioning your router in the home, making sure it is secure so no neighbours can access it, or you can switch providers to get access to faster speed broadband.