DURING mid-September Bradford Cathedral will host a Faith and Peace exhibition.

It presents perspectives on peace from Judaism, Christianity and Islam and looks at how those three faiths promote and teach this virtue.

The exhibition, created by The Peace Museum, is also accompanied by artworks by groups of women in the Bradford area over the past three years.

Clive Barrett, Chair of the Peace Museum, said: “Bradford Cathedral seems an appropriate place to honour the peacemakers within the Anglican Communion, alongside our neighbours of other faiths.

“If we all act on the imperative for peace-making in our own faith, perhaps others will see that religion is not the problem but part of the solution for the peace of our world.”

Liz Firth, who has led the Faith and Peace Textile Project on behalf of the Peace Museum, added: “Just producing the exhibition has been a work of peace-making!

“Several of the original artworks have been produced through by mixed-faith groups of women in Bradford, through the Peace Museum.

“Making these has helped to build relationships between women of very different backgrounds.”

The Very Revd Jerry Lepine, Dean of Bradford, said: “Hospitality and reconciliation are key values for Bradford Cathedral, and so we welcome this exhibition with open arms, so that together we can reflect on three faiths and their teaching on peace-making.

“I hope that many people will access this and use it as an opportunity to engage with a much needed theme for our nation and the world.”

There will be a talk and open workshop on Thursday, September 12 from 1-3pm, which is repeated at 6:45-8:15pm.

Workshops are open to all and free of charge. The talk and workshop will be led by Liz Firth and Shaeron Caton-Rose and will include a simple creative activity – no previous experience is necessary.

All materials will be provided. Free places can be reserved at