How do I get in touch with the T&A news team?

I have a story! How do I speak to a T&A journalist?

If you have a story you'd like to discuss with our news team, you can call our newsdesk on 01274 705292. Alternatively, you can email or send us a message on Facebook.

Please make sure you include as much information as possible – and your contact details. Some people don’t want to be named in stories, and that’s fine – we won’t publish your identity if you make that request. But we'll probably need a contact number for you in case we need some more information.

You can contact our sport department on 01274 705249 or email

For leisure or entertainment related stories, call 01274 705261 or email

How do I get my community event in the T&A?
If there's something happening in your community, we'd love to know about it. From fundraising coffee mornings and fancy dress walks to village shows, galas and street parties - send your notices and pictures to

If you would like to list an event in our online events calendar, you can do so for free here.

I'd like to share my opinion on an issue
We like to hear what you think on local issues. If you'd like to send your views in a letter to the editor to be considered for publication in the paper and online, you can email or, if you prefer to put good old-fashioned pen to paper, you can write to us at Letters to the Editor, Telegraph & Argus, Hall Ings, Bradford BD1 1JR.
You'll need to include your name, street address and phone number, and keep it to a maximum of 200 words.

Why am I being asked to subscribe to the T&A website?

The Telegraph & Argus, along with a number of other news titles, has recently introduced a paid subscription model.

Readers are entitled to ten free articles per month, after which they are asked to register their details to access another ten free articles. Anyone who wishes to read more than 20 articles will be presented with the option of a 21-day free trial to our Premium package, providing them with unlimited and advert-light access, which will cost £4.99 per month after the free trial, unless the subscription is cancelled.

Some stories, including major breaking news stories and some court reports will remain free to all users and not count towards the article limit.

See a list of FAQs on the subscription scheme here

Why is a paywall necessary?
In the past, the cover price of a newspaper helped pay for the journalists who wrote the news and features inside. Advertising also contributed to the bottom line.

It is no secret that in the last few years every newspaper has experienced a decline in advertising revenue, yet the cost of our journalism remains the same.

The subscription model will help pay for the quality journalism that provides unrivalled coverage of Bradford and the surrounding district. No other news organisation comes close to the depth of coverage of the T&A.

We are the only news site with reporters in court and council every day. We cover all the breaking news in the district and write about the people and personalities that make Bradford the great city it is.

Our free article limit is one of the most generous in the industry. Many other news outlets only provide access to a handful of stories per month.

Quality journalism costs money to produce, but we have made it great value. For less than the cost of two cappuccinos you get unlimited access to all our content plus a much smoother browsing experience with stripped back advertising, which loads 70% faster. The latter is particularly noticeable if you read the site on a mobile or tablet.

How do I advertise with the T&A?

Classified advertising
If you would like to place a family announcement - like a birth, death or anniversary - or a classified advert - like items or services for sale, or a planning announcement - you'll need to contact our classified advertising team on 01274 730000 or use our online service here.

Display advertising
If you'd like to place an advert in the paper or on our website, call 01274 705286 to speak to one of our LocalIQ staff members and discuss the options we offer.

How do I access the T&A archives?

How do I get hold of an old copy of the T&A?
Copies of the Telegraph & Argus dated up to two weeks previously can be purchased by visiting our reception on Hall Ings, Bradford. The reception is open Monday-Friday, between 9.30am and 3pm.

Copies of the Telegraph & Argus dated up to three months previously can be purchased by calling our home delivery department on 0800 138 1420 or emailing

Older copies of the Telegraph & Argus and its forerunner the Yorkshire Observer, dating back to 1868, are available to view at Bradford Local Studies Library. 

The library is at Margaret McMillan Tower, Princes Way, Bradford, BD1 1NN (the former Bradford Central Library building).

The archives are available to view on microfiche (rolls of film containing images of the newspapers' pages). Scanners and microfilm readers can be booked in advance by calling 01274 433688 or emailing

For opening times and more information on the Local Studies Library, visit this section of the Bradford Council website here.

How do I buy a copy of a picture I've seen in the T&A?
If the T&A holds the copyright for a picture, it should be available on the photosales section of our website here. If a picture has been sent in to us, we don't hold the copyright on it so we can't sell copies. If you'd like to check where an image has come from, you can call our picture desk on 01274 705398 or email

How do I make a complaint?

How do I make a complaint about a story in the T&A?
The T&A is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation and we seek to abide by the Editors' Code, which is enforced by IPSO.

Complaints and requests for editorial clarifications should be sent to the editor in the first instance, by emailing

It's important that your email is headed "Complaint" in the subject line and contains the following information:

  • Your name, postal address and telephone number
  • Title and date of the publication you're complaining about
  • Page number or web address of the story
  • Details of the complaint

We may ask for more detail, but once the full details have been established, we will aim to resolve any complaint brought under the Editors' Code within 28 days. If you are unsatisfied with our answer, you may then refer the complaint to IPSO.

How do I get a story removed from the T&A website?
Generally, we don't delete or amend stories in the online archive, although we will take appropriate steps if there is a significant factual inaccuracy or update. For any factual inaccuracy amendments, please email

If you would like your name to be excluded from future Google searches, you can submit a request under EU Privacy law on the Google website here

If you would still like us to consider removing a story under exceptional circumstances, please email the link to the story to – you’ll need to give specific details of the story, along with your contact details and reason for removal. One of the company’s experts will come back to you in due course. Please be aware that we won't remove the details of defendants in criminal cases. Reports from court are an important historical record and will not be amended.

How do I complain about a comment on the T&A website?
Unfortunately, we don't have the resources for a team of people monitoring our comments 24/7. We may spot inappropriate comments, but we also rely on our readers to flag things up with us. If you click the "report" button underneath the comment you don't like, our newsdesk will get an email notification, which we'll deal with ASAP.

How do I complain about a comment on a T&A Facebook post?
It's not possible to moderate the thousands of comments made on our Facebook posts. If you have serious concerns about a someone's comments on any of our posts, you should report them to Facebook, and you can find information on how to do that on the Facebook website here.

In some circumstances, we have the ability to remove problematic comments and ban users from our Facebook page. If you would like to flag up a comment for us to take a look at, please send us a Facebook message with a link to the post the comment is on.

How do I make a complaint about nuisance advertising on the T&A website?
This is a matter we take very seriously and we want to assure you that nuisance advertising has no place on our website.

In the unfortunate circumstance that any should appear, we're always keen to investigate quickly any reports of nuisance adverts on our websites. We would be very grateful if you could provide some information, to help us understand how an advert appeared on your device. This will help us to track down where the content originated and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Please let us know, where possible:

  • The date and time of your visit
  • The page or website address where the advert appeared
  • Your device make and model - e.g. Apple iPhone 8, Samsung 9 etc. Alternatively:
    i) What type of device were you using - e.g. desktop, tablet or mobile phone?
    ii) What operating system were you using - e.g. Windows 10, iOS11, Android?
  • Which browser were you using - e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari?
  • Were you connected to wifi or using your mobile phone data allowance? Please also state which service provider if known - e.g. Vodafone, Three, Virgin
  • Was this the first page you visited on our site? If not, how many pages do you think you had viewed before seeing the advert?
  • If you were redirected to another website, what was the web address of that website?
  • Do you have a screenshot? Please send it and describe what happened.

How can I work with the T&A?

How do I enquire about T&A newspaper delivery rounds?
Call our distribution department on 01274 705352 or 705289 or 705212 to find out whether there are any rounds available in your area or to register your details to be contacted in future should any rounds become available.

How do I get work experience with the T&A?
We are only able to accept applications for work experience from students aged 18+ who are working towards an appropriate journalism qualification. If you meet those criteria, we’d love to hear from you. Please send a CV and covering email to T&A editor Nigel Burton at

How do I find out whether there are any job vacancies at the T&A?
All our vacancies are listed on the Newsquest website here. Editorial jobs are listed on

How do I get my photographs in the T&A?
Are you a local amateur photographer keen to see your work in print and link up with like-minded individuals to swap tips, take part in regular workshops and events, and enter monthly prize competitions? Then the Telegraph & Argus Camera Club could be for you! Join the club's Facebook group here.

We work with a network of freelance photographers who work full day shifts for us. Our freelance colleagues have a wide range of skills and can be asked to cover anything from portraits to events, sport to breaking news stories. If you are a professional freelance photographer who would be interested in working with the T&A, email

Your T&A newspaper deliveries

What do I do if my newspaper delivery hasn't arrived?
If you haven't received your usual newspaper delivery, please call our distribution department on 0800 138 1420.

How do I set up/cancel my subscription to the T&A?
If you would like have the T&A delivered to your door, or cancel your existing newspaper delivery, please call our distribution department on 0800 138 1420.