A man who stole a teenager’s knickers from a wash basket in a family’s kitchen and also masturbated in the street has been jailed.

Mohammed Rihan Umar, 25, of Storr Hill, Wyke, was locked up for two years and eight months at Bradford Crown Court after admitting one count of burglary, outraging public decency and breaching a restraining order.

Prosecutor Dave MacKay told the court how on March 15 this year Umar entered a house in Wyke through an open door, and took a pair of knickers belonging to a 19-year-old from a wash basket.

He had triggered an outside light, causing the woman’s father to go to the kitchen where he found Umar, and chased him out of the house.


The man then spotted Umar standing in his drive and went to confront him, before calling the police. Umar was arrested, and after admitting the burglary at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court, was bailed.

On Sunday, April 7, he was spotted at 9am in a street in Wyke looking through a house window, before putting his hand down his trousers and beginning to masturbate and laugh.

A woman ran at him with her dogs to scare him away, and he hid behind a car, and when police were called he ran away.

My greatest fear is what you are going to do next. I’m going to send you to prison but my fear is it won’t assist you at all, because you cannot be assisted" - Judge Jonathan Rose

He again appeared at Magistrates Court and admitted outraging public decency and breaching a restraining order previously put on him.

It had been handed to him when he received a two-year suspended sentence for breaking into a family’s home and going into a girl’s bedroom at 10.30pm, before she found him in her parents’ room sniffing a pair of her knickers.

Mr MacKay said: “The burglary victim said she feels unsafe in her own home, and does not want him around and is scared of what he might do.

“This is a targeted pattern of offending against young women. Masturbating outside a house is serious and distressing.”

In mitigation, Abdul Shakoor said it was “clearly serious offending”.

He said: “Mr Umar is in the lowest percentile of intelligence and has a mild learning disability.

“He has a supportive family who have said they will supervise him to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

In sentencing, Judge Jonathan Rose said this was a “sad and troubling case”.

He said: “It’s sad because you suffer from a learning disability that I’m quite sure has some bearing on your behaviour.

“It doesn’t make you behave the way you do, but have less control of your behaviour and the public need to be protected from you.

“My greatest fear is what you are going to do next. I’m going to send you to prison but my fear is it won’t assist you at all, because you cannot be assisted.

“My fear is what will happen when you come out of prison, and as long as your parents are unable to protect the public from you there is little to be done to stop you from offending in the future.

“You have abnormal sexual desires that prison will do nothing to correct. But there is no alternative to prison and the public must be protected from you for the foreseeable future.”