MAGID Magid, the first Green Party MEP elected to represent Yorkshire and the Humber, visited Bingley over the weekend.

The focus of the visit was to speak to people about the current political situation.

He said: “It was really exciting to speak to so many people in Bingley and to hear how people are feeling about everything that has been happening with the Brexit situation.

“Johnson and Trump conspire to create a disaster-Britain for the wealthy alone, and they'll sacrifice our great region and its ordinary working people for their own riches."

Magid, the former Lord Mayor of Sheffield, added: "Continued EU membership is crucial to our rights, freedom, prosperity and the struggle for equality.”

Rachael Drucquer, the first Green Party member to be elected to Bingley Town Council, added: “The elections this year showed that there is a real desire for change right across the country and people are fed up with being let down by career politicians from the big two parties.

“Magid – like many Greens - doesn’t fit the mould of what people expect from a politician and this tour is about connecting with people from across Yorkshire.”