PLANS are underway to bring a new music festival to Bradford, which is set to take place across a number of different venues in the city centre.

The Yellow Beck Road Festival is set to come to the city centre from Thursday, September 26, to Saturday 28, and organisers have described it as a unique event being held in Bradford

It will feature a range of artists and musicians performing at venues around the city.

It will also partner with the National Science and Media Museum, and organiser Nigel Booth said he thinks it is the first festival to partner with a national museum.

Mr Booth, who has run the Underground venue in Duke Street since May 2016, and seen it grow into one of the city centre’s most popular live music nightspots, is part of the brains behind the festival, and has high hopes for the event.

It will be kicked off at a Lates event, held at the National Science and Media Museum.

Mr Booth said: “We have a group of people organising the festival, and are partnering with the Media Museum.

“It is being held in collaboration with the museum and with the Broadway centre, and we have at least 12 venues potentially signed up to take part.

“We have been planning this for a number of months, and I have publicised it now to make sure we all get on with it.

“It is something a little bit different, there’s not many festivals which have a national museum as part of the partnership.

“We want to create unity between bars and venues and showcase what Bradford’s local talent has to offer.

“Sometimes we don’t all work together for the common goal, and there is so many good things going in in Bradford, we need to work together and show off what we have got.

“We need to get new people into the city, and get more people enjoying live music in Bradford.

“Another plan is to take an empty unit at the Broadway and hold events in there.”

Inspired by the yellow brick road made famous in the Wizard of Oz, Mr Booth said the festival hopes to install temporary yellow dots which form paths around the city centre linking all the different venues together, however they are waiting for permission from Bradford Council to install the path.

“We are hoping to put yellow dots around the city linking venues together,” Mr Booth added.

“We had a group meeting to come up with a name; there’s been so many festivals in Bradford a lot of the names were already taken!

“Someone suggested the beck, which gave Bradford its name, and the yellow road is what links everything together - if the Council let us do it!”

Venues which will potentially be taking part in the event are The Underground, the National Science and Media Museum, the Broadway, the Record Café, Wireless, Trash, Sunbridge Wells and more, with the potential to add more venues in wanting to take part.