WEST Yorkshire Police has warned against a new scam which tricks Grindr users with fake tales of assault and robberies.

The scam, currently rife in the West Midlands, starts off when the fraudster tries to arrange a meet.

The scammer, using a fake profile picture, will say they had a bad experience and got beaten up by a group of men on a previous date. 

Then the user will be encouraged to get 'Fraud Protection Clearance' (FPC) which supposedly allows you to enter your detail and prove you're genuine. 

The fraudster will claim this adds a layer of protection to hooking up before and explaining that the FPC app is not on app stores.

This person only has this app because, they claim, they are a "tourist on holiday in the area".

To fix this they will provide a link for you to enter your details.

The force said this is a phishing scam and, even though it may seem obvious, users need to be aware.

Anyone who falls victim to this should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 1232040 or online via the Action Fraud site.